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The D-Line

December 23, 2010

I have a love-hate relationship with BA’s Subte. It’s probably the most convenient cheapest mode of transportation ( I will not even attempt to ride the bus here alone). A ticket costs 1.10 pesos regardless the distance to your destination. Like many subway lines in the world, the Subte is usually packed. The windows are left open to provide additional ventilation. Beggars are a regular fixture in the Subte, often they drop something on your lap ( cards or candies), then come back to you to collect money (you can refuse, of course). Sometimes, it will be musicians.

Last week I bought a Subte card worth 30 pesos, 7 days later, I’m down to 13 pesos. This isn’t because I had gone to many different places, rather, I kept missing my stop. I have the posters in the station to blame as I normally get distracted by reading & trying to understand them.  These posters are located immediately below the station’s sign, by the way.

The other day, we were already inside the coach and were waiting for an abnormally long time for the doors to close.  Suddenly, the station’s speakers blared out something unclear (not like I’d be able to understand anyway even if it came out clearly) and it turned out that they were just going to stop operating without disclosing why.

“Solo en Argentina” said my teacher.

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