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When I Run Out Of Spanish

December 25, 2010

Stop! But you also tell the driver to ‘para’ when commuting.

I came to Argentina equipped with only the remnants of what I had learned from grade school Spanish. Often, I pause in the middle of a sentence to tengo, tienes, tiene, tenemos, teneis, tienen. Nosebleed, I tell you. Which is why, I sometimes just give up and use the irregular form…or sign language.

Fortunately, many Filipino words are rooted from Castellan Spanish. Bura, cuenta, tinidor, posporo, abre lata, sobre, sobra etc. When I run out of Spanish, I try changing the “b” in Filipino words to “v”.

Usually it works, for example instead : imbes -> inves (Puedo usar pepinos en vez de calabacín?). Although, when I tried to refuse food when I was up to my neck with empanadas already, busog -> vusog didn’t seem to get my point across (No gracias, estoy vusog).

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