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If These Walls Could Hablar

December 27, 2010

I like graffiti – mostly when a lot of thought was put into them, and not the random vandal tags.

I signed up for a graffiti tour last week, mainly because I was curious as to how anyone can make a tour about street art. It turned out to be very interesting as it sheds light not only the art culture of BsAs, but the political and economic history involved in the development of this art form. When the economic crisis unfolded in 2001, Porteños resorted to graffiti to express what they had in mind, in a creative manner (maybe they were sick of rallies?). Some are outright, others are sarcastic, and you get thought-provoking too. Graffiti is actually illegal in Buenos Aires, but nobody really stops them, which is why artists can afford to leave their signatures on their artworks. It was also interesting to find out about the level of respect that circulates among graffiti artists, like how they won’t just paint over your work (they wait about 2 years until they do).

I shall never look at graffiti the same way again, thanks to this tour.

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