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What I Know (Week 2)

December 27, 2010

1. They have extremely slow service here. Restaurants and cafes are not too bad, but the service in banks and supermarkets will cause your blood pressure to rise.

2. You pay extra in supermercados and kiosks if you take your drinks from the refrigerator or chiller.

3. They have better radio stations here. I discovered at least 3 stations that play good music with minimal ads and minus the annoying DJs who talk too much.

4. But then they play awkwardly old songs in bars, pubs & bowling alleys. Not New Wave music, nor Grunge, nor 70’s, think Jenny From The Block.

5. Airconditioning is really weak, even in malls.

6. Internet is surprisingly fast. No getting disconnected here.

7. They tend to use only salt to season, not ground pepper.

8. Cab drivers are extra chatty. Doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the language well.

9. Che Guevarra is Argentine, not Cuban.

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