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Feliz Año Nuevo A Todos!

January 3, 2011

The day after I posted about BA declaring Red Alert due to the heat wave, the temperature dropped ten degrees.  I would spend most of my time outdoors and retreat to the apartment only to take a siesta. Hence, the lack of posts.

We enjoyed a great view of the city’s festivities from our apartment, as it welcomed 2011. It was safer to stay indoors anyways, as the locals tend to go crazy with their fuego artificales. Apparently, it’s tradition to throw fireworks at each other (which was why apart from the sound of the fireworks, ambulance sirens were heard until dawn).

So far this year, the new things I have done:

1. Ate Brazilian food – I had Feijoada. I’ve always wanted to try Feijoada, despite it looking like Dinuguan. I was relieved to have enjoyed it, because it set me back 60 pesos.

2. Biked around the city – 60 minutes of pure joy. Doing this again, might even rent a bike for a week (gotta love BA for having bike paths!).

3. Played Ultimate Frisbee (and with strangers!) – Okay, so my performance was embarrassing, I had to apologize to my team mates. It was such a fun workout nonetheless. Good conversation with locals too.

4. Ate Venezuelan food – So tasty and interesting. I knew nothing about Venezuelan cuisine prior to dinner today. Definitely going back for more.

I was supposed to join some group of people this morning, on a biking trip to Lujan, 70kms away from BA. It was a last minute invitation, so I wasn’t able to rent a bike on time. After Frisbee, I got invited to watch/learn tango tonight – but I got lazy.

The weather for the coming week is supposed to be less harsh compared to the one that had just passed. This means less siestas, and more outdoor adventures. I’m on my second bottle of sunblock already.

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