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Because I’m The Only One Who Wakes Up Before 14:00 On Saturdays

January 8, 2011

1. Crimes against hair is quite prevalent in this city. Who would have thought that  a mullet + mohawk + dreadlocks single hairdo is possible?

2. I often see locals sporting bandages and plasters – mostly on their arms and legs. Could it be their footwear of choice + cobblestone streets?

3. Even if Brasil is just next door, Porteños do not wear Havaianas. Why go for rubber, when you have fine leather?

4. There are more gwapos than gwapas.

5. The way they prefer to take their drinks is beyond rhyme or reason. Fernet with Coke? ICE ON WINE? Madre Mia! (Plus, I know someone who puts a shot of OJ in his cerveza…)

6. Happy hour is from 8-10 pm

7. Patriotism prevails -they love showing off their flag (or national colors) in cafes, store windows, homes, kiosks, etc.

8. They have good quality of produce in this country, pero por favor, add a dash of pepper when you cook! It makes a world of difference.

9. Their ice cream may be at par with the Italy’s, but their pizza? Not really (and that would be putting it mildly).

10. I love how within 3 blocks there is a supermarket, gourmet deli, butcher, fresh fish market, pharmacy, newspaper/magazine stand, flower stand, fruit and vegetable stand, laundry shop, bakeshop and ice cream shop. Within 3 blocks everywhere!

11. You will not find a Porteño walking around with a cup of coffee. European cafe culture is strong here, they like to enjoy their cafes seated.

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