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En El Supermercado

January 10, 2011

Most tourists would go to museums to get to know more about the culture of a place. Me, I prefer to visit supermarkets – and daily!

There are two types of supermercados here. The chains – Carrefour, Disco, Jumbo and Dia%

and the Supermercado Chino (named so, because they are run by Chinese/Taiwanese immigrants)

there’s also the kiosko/maxikiosko, which is Argentine veriosn of 7-11 or sari-sari store

The grills are down during the siesta hours, but they’re still open for business.

Typical finds:

Milk and yogurt in plastic bags

all types of jamon y queso

the stock at the chinos’ is better than Rustan’s/SM/Landmark…

a whole aisle dedicated to mate

shelves and shelves of dulce de leche

another incarnation of dulce de leche – flans!

pasta noodles in ALL shapes and sizes (you would think you’re in Italy!)

Argentine beef and wine

lots and lots of vinos, of course!

What you will rarely find: peanut butter and chips (apart from a very limited selection of Lays, Doritos and Cheetos)

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  1. January 11, 2011 5:40 am

    Si! Carefour and Supermercado en Espanya tambien. Btw, fiesta in Lipa on te 16th Jan. Piano concert daw sa malaking bahay. Concert pianist by Tito Amon, Ingrid Santamaria, and R. Reyes. I will not be able to go because we will visit a friend who just had a major operation. When are you back?

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