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Six Things I Miss About BsAs

February 22, 2011


1. The parks. The outdoors. The abundance of activities (and festivities) you can do outdoors. The trees. The parks.

2. The dramatic skyline. The double rainbows. The triple rainbows.

3. The produce.  DURAZNOS. CEREZAS. (  A kilo of peaches here costs 10x more, same with the cherries)

4. The nightlife. Yes, the homebody misses going out. Actually, it’s more the house parties and weekend asados that I miss.

5. The ability to make new friends from all over the world, effortlessly.


Because I can’t force myself to miss just 6 things:

7. Medialunas for breakfast. Medialunas for dinner

8. The friendly doormen

9. The dog posses

10. Going up and down 22 flights of stairs (if only I can get access to the staircase in the building…)

11. Walking from one barrio to another.

12. Hearing Spanish everywhere. Struggling to speak in Spanish (and be understood). The triumphant feeling of being able to converse in Spanish.

13. Narda Lepes’ TV shows. Jaja!

14. Malbec (we get Terrazas here, but for twice the price)

15. Urbana 89.5 ( even if I get to stream from Manila).

16. The weekend markets.

17. Mis amigos, of course.

18. Bootcamp Buenos Aires.

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