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April 25, 2011

* This post has been sitting in the drafts folder since Feb 22.  Publishing it as it is – as I’m too lazy to finish it.

Vino Blanco / Torrontes. It’s not all about Malbec.

Cerveza. Quilmes is their SMB. I prefer ICE COLD Palermo (Cerveza Rubia), if I had to drink beer, that is.

They are crazy about their carbonated drinks. Jugo con gas y Agua con gas…no me gusta!

That bottle on the left is a spritzer, which you can find in weekend ferias and supermercados. Told you they’re crazy about gas in their drinks.

Terma Serrano. A late discovery. Our substitute teacher had offered this to us as we were setting the table for lunch. It’s a non alcoholic , herbal drink which you can mix with your vino , cerveza or jugo. I quite liked it.

Fernet. Just another Italian migrant. In other parts of the world, I assume, this is taken as a digestive. In Argentina, this is a fixture in pubs, bars and wherever the parties are. They mix is with Coke  (as in Coca-Cola, not Cocaine …well at least, not to my knowledge) and this hit concoction is called Fernet y Coca. I tried it once, for the heck of it.

Speed, energy drink. More likely to be had at night (i.e. parties, bars).

Submarino, Argentina’s most famous hot chocolate goodness. You are first offered a hot glass of milk with a bar of chocolate on the side. Then, you will be instructed to submerge the chocolate into the milk, then stir:


They do this in Vienna too. I should know because it’s the top reason why I want to go to Austria.

Que mas?

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