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Comida Internacional – ARMENIAN

April 25, 2011

I had never had Armenian cuisine prior to the trip. I was curious. There are a handful of restaurants in Buenos Aires that specialize in Armenian food, I went with a popular one: Sarkis Armenian (Thames 1101, Palermo Viejo). I got to the place at midday ( I would usually only eat out during lunch time, and have the left overs for dinner- if I had not shared the meal with a friend) and it was packed. Luckily, reservations were not required. I was seated deep into the end of the room, next to a group of local young professionals enjoying an early lunch. I might have been the only solo diner, so I got a little extra attention.

I pored over the menu, which did not have English translations, so I got the waiter’s attention for assistance. Armenian cuisine, judging from the menu, is heavily influenced by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. I relied on what the waiter had suggested I order (all side dishes). According to my little black book (which really is a little silver leather journal), I had keppe nervido and laban. I can’t tell you which one is which as it was a meal I enjoyed three months ago.

I had this to start, I’m pretty sure it’s not hummus because I’ve had hummus before, so I would not have ordered that. Maybe hummus’ cousin?

There was meat stuffed in here. Pork I think.

This was my favorite, meat wrapped in grape leaves.

Overall, I found it was nothing to write home about. Maybe if I had company, I would have enjoyed the meal more (because we would’ve most likely ordered the raved about mains!).

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