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Comida Internacional – PERUVIAN

April 25, 2011

Sorry, Argentine steak, but this Peruvian Ceviche was the best meal I had in Buenos Aires.

Like most of the international cuisines I enjoyed in Buenos Aires, it was my first time to have Peruvian food. It was during the trip to Tigre with friends when I convinced myself to finally have a taste of ceviche. I was telling my French friend (while waiting for our steaks) how I think I could have sashimi everyday. He argued that he prefers ceviche as it is more interesting (“sashimi is just raw fish, ceviche on the other hand is pleasantly more complex”). It came as a surprise to him that I never had this Peruvian specialty before, and so promised me to take me to a good, cheap Peruvian restaurant (didn’t happen).

All BsAs guide books and food blogs will be quick to recommend Chan Chan in downtown Buenos Aires. Unfortunately for me, I got to the restaurant only to find out that it was closed for two weeks, and would only open on the day of my departure. Being the girl scout that I am when it comes to places to eat, I consulted my little black book and handy dandy map for the closest, well received Peruvian restaurant.

I ended up at Status Virrey (Cerallos 178)

When I was handed the menu, I didn’t bother looking past the Ceviche offerings. I chose Ceviche de Toyo.

Apart from the fish (which I belatedly found out was actually shark!), it had three kinds of corn, a cheek of sweet potato, peppers, cilantro, lime juice and a mountain of sliced onion. It was love at first bite.

Even the bread basket was a delight. Moreso the dip that came with it. Actually, I was told that the creamy sauce, was for the ceviche and not the bread. (Note to self: find out what that sauce is!)

I left the restaurant, doggy bag in tow, mentally bashing myself for not having gone to Peru instead.

I vowed to be back for more. Didn’t happen. I guess I’ll just have to go to Peru next ? Eyeing you, Pisco Sour!

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