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Comida Internacional- BRASILEÑO

April 25, 2011

Due to time and funds limitations, I was not able to make a trip to Brasil. I might have annoyed all my local acquaintances when I bugged them to point me to the direction of the best Brazilian restaurant in town. Nobody was aware of any Brazilian resto, which I found odd, or maybe Argentines really despise Brazilians that much. That didn’t stop me from my quest for feijoada and acai.

Anyway, internet research sent me marching deep into Palermo Soho, for what was supposed to be the most authentic Brazilian restaurant in Buenos Aires. I think I walked up and down Cabrera St four times to look for 4199. Turned out, said restaurant had closed. Desapontado is Portuguese for disappointed.

I’m not sure if it was the Time Out magazine I had bought, or the Lonely Planet book in the apartment, or Guia search that had referred me to Me Leva Brasil in Costa Rica 4488. It was the last day of 2010, I forget where I had come from, but I remember walking a great distance in the intense summer heat to get here (then again, that’s what I was doing everyday in Buenos Aires). The restaurant had only 2 tables occupied inside and the waiters, big Brazilian men, were too busy watching the pre-New Year festivities over at Rio de Janeiro.

So I asked for the menu and zoned in on Feijoada. The price, 55 pesos (Php 555), had me rethink for a second, yes 55 pesos is already on the expensive part of the spectrum, in Argentine dining. I had never had Feijoada before, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it (as it reminded me of Dinuguan), so 55 pesos was indeed a big amount to gamble. But  I knew I was going to kick myself and pull my hair out till I go bald, if I did not order it. So I order it, I did.

I remember the burly Brazilian looking at me funny, as one order was good for 3. Tsk, it’s not as if I didn’t have take away option.

As for Acai, they only had the concentrate and not the real thing. So I opted for agua sin gas instead (6 pesos?!?)

Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil. Like Adobo, it is prepared differently per region, each one claiming theirs’ as the best. I think almost all would have a side of kale/chards, rice and farofa, (Google it). I will admit I did not like it so much on my first bite, but as I persisted (it cost me 55 pesos, of course I will persist! ) I developed a liking to it. It was my last meal for 2010, and the first for 2011 (thanks to the left overs).

When I got back to my apartment, my new flat mates had arrived – Brazilians!

I was beyond thrilled.

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