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Comida Internacional – MEXICANO

April 25, 2011

One of my last meals in Manila, before leaving for Argentina, was Mexican (Ristras at the Fort). I’d like to think they offered legit Mexican food, so I had no plans of trying out this cuisine in BA. But then, people kept raving about La Fabrica del Taco, which apparently had earned itself a reputation for true blue Mexican Tacos. Thanks to Google, I found out that it was closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays (really BA, who does that???) and so avoided a wasted trip.

On the day it opened, I trooped over to Gorriti for lunch. So much for avoiding a wasted trip, because apparently they don’t open till 6 or 7 in the evening. Anyways, I went back after the sun set, and watched the employees of La Fabrica open the doors and set the tables outside. Yes, I was that excited.

I loved how the place was furnished/decorated – so hip, authentic, current and yet effortless.

I remember making a mental note to return here with friends for drinks at night/post party chow. Again, that didn’t happen – there were just too many places to try out!

I had the Carne Asada Gratinado. The beef was so tasty!

For bebidas, I didn’t order my usual Agua sin gas, as I was curious about El Agua de Chavo which  is flavored water made from the base of a Jamaican flower (i.e. if I translated correctly).

Mexican hot sauces – so necessary… you know how bland food in Argentina can be.

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