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Comida Internacional : SCANDINAVIA

April 25, 2011

Olsen is one of the most popular restaurants in Buenos Aires. Every Buenos Aires guide will tell you to pay a visit to this Scandinavian themed resto, as it clearly stands out in the sea of Latin American and even Asian establishments.As if I needed any convincing from the guides, I made sure to reserve one Saturday for lunch at Olsen.

While it is recommended to book a table, I was lucky enough to get one without reservations. Olsen is also known for having 60 varieties of vodka. It is no doubt that this place gets extra crowded at night. On Sundays, people troop over for their whole day brunch specials.

Instead of the usual bread basket, diners are offered a stack of bagels. That alone, makes this place a winner in my book (even if the bagels sucked). The lunch menu allows you to to mix and match 3 entrees.

I had  L-R:

1. White Gazpacho with Almonds Garlic and Grapes

2. Braised Pork with Apples and Blue Cheese on Brioche

3. Rustic Olsen Potatoes

I found the pork a tad too salty, but that was just a minor flaw. Olsen is worth the hype.

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